Husband, Father, Candidate

Eugene Fields is a husband and father,  the son and grandson of veterans, a seasoned communications professional, an award-winning journalist, a human rights advocate, a public finance watchdog, a working-class American and proud resident of Orange, CA.

Eugene began his professional career as a reporter for the Orange County Register, where he was known for his coverage of the City of Orange and his “Ask Mr. Orange” column. In his time covering Orange, Eugene was one of the first on the scene, and one of the few reporters given access as the Santiago Canyon Fire raged. He met civic leaders and was able to inform the community about important events like the change in waste collectors, the rising water rates and the struggles elected officials faced when attempting to balance the budget and maintain the level of service Orange is famous for. He went on to win state awards for his coverage of the largest mass murder in Orange County history.

He is a former co-chair of the OCTA Taxpayer Oversight Committee, monitoring the use of an estimated $13 billion of Measure M funds and ensuring that all revenue collected from Measure M is spent on voter-approved transportation projects.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Eugene went to high school in San Pedro, CA, a medium-sized town with a rich history and a small-town feel, much like Orange. He is an award-winning communications professional for the regional chapter of a national civil rights and advocacy nonprofit and an associate professor at a local university in Irvine.

Eugene holds a Master of Public Administration from the University of Phoenix, being honored as a Distinguished Alumni in 2019.

He and his wife, Tonda, got married in Orange in 2014. Their daughter, MacKenzie, was born at St. Joseph Hospital in 2015.

“I feel I am uniquely qualified to understand the issues every day, middle-class residents like my family face.”

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